Thursday, October 2, 2008

He Asked and I said YES!

Ten years ago today Brian proposed and of course I said yes. I have such fond memories of that day. He sent me a dozen roses at work and we went out to dinner. I did know he was going to propose, so there wasn't that element of surprise. And we picked out my ring together-this is Brian we're talking about. But even without the surprise it was a wonderful day and he was just as sweet and loving as he could be. I also remember that I was getting sick that day. I felt dizzy and had a fever. But I refused to be sick because I was going to get engaged! (By Sunday I ended up in a clinic with strep throat). It's funny to me how I always think I am too busy to be sick and then I end up really really sick! Anyway I feel so blessed to be his wife and so grateful to share my life with him.


Young Family said...

Happy Anniversary you both!! Wishes for many more too!! Way cute picture too!! Seems just like yesterday!! Take care

Melea said...

That is so stinkin' sweet Becca. I love the stories of how people fell in love and got engaged. You guys are a sweet little family.