Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Okay, so I know it's the start of October tomorrow, but my family gave me a gift certificate to a (then) new salon called Zen. Today I finally used part of it and I had a wonderful pedicure. I love pedicures. I love them more than chocolate, and I mean that! The girl that did mine was just wonderful and I feel so pretty, just because my toes, well actually my feet look so good. I'm sure this isn't my most interesting post, but anyone who needs to relax should really take some time for themselves and enjoy a spa pedicure. Aaah!

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Melea said...

Good for you. I love pedicures too. And I don't get one nearly enough. I'm excited for you. Mother's Day gift certificates rock! Even if you don't get around to using them until the fall.