Monday, July 21, 2008

Potty Training, Company and Packing

Wow, what a week. Porter decided last Sunday that he needed to go pee, in the middle of church. I didn't really believe him, but for some reason indulged him. He actually went! I wanted to do a cartwheel, but since he doesn't have aim, I spent the few minutes I had washing my white, linen pants off and trying to dry them before returning to our pew!
My sister arrived on Tuesday and brought her daughters as well as my brother's kids. We had a busy week taking the kids to the community pool, Bullhead City, Oatman and the Las Vegas Strip. They headed home yesterday and we head up there tomorrow night. It's that time of year, the Moore's annual Family Reunion. So we will drive 10 hours to spend 4 days camping with B's family. I'm sure it will be fun for everyone. Who knows maybe one of us will become the Holey Board Champion. Cross your fingers!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Another year, another t-shirt, another picture

Fourth of July already. Didn't we just celebrate Christmas. I can't seem to catch up, which is why we had a very low key day. We went to the store for a few supplies and had a simple lunch of bbq pork sandwiches. I had good intentions of having a triple berry shortcake dessert before we went to watch the fireworks, but the Schwan's man accidentally forgot to give us our berries. Such is life-good thing we also bought ice cream! We watched the fireworks from the parking lot at B's office. They shoot them off at the fairgrounds, which is just a few blocks away. PoBo was so tired he just kept asking to go home, until the sky lit up with colors. Both kids loved watching the fireworks, and I enjoyed watching them. It has been another year and they are just growing up so fast. I know all parents say that, but now I truely understand what it means. So next year I think we're due to wear red. . .

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Six months 100 miles plus

Well as of June 30, 2008 my running mile log is 105.14 miles! I am now a hundreds club member! It took six months, but I did it. I ran a 100 miles. I celebrated by buying a new pair of running shoes. Anyone want to join me in the next 100?