Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Brian came home last weekend so that I could go to the Women of Faith Conference in Phoenix. So he wasn't able to come for Thanksgiving. Although it was lonely without him we had a nice day. My friend Leah invited us to join her family as well as another girlfriend of ours. It was a lot of people, with lots of little kids, so it was like being with family. Leah and her mother cooked. They are from Arkansas so we had a few things that were new to me. Everything was delicious and I feel so blessed to have good friends, especially when family is so far away.

Thanksgiving Events

Both kids had Thanksgiving events at school last Tuesday. The Kindergarten at Tynli's school had a Thanksgiving Concert. Each class had different types of hats and they all sang songs about turkeys, Indians and the Pilgrims. After they served pies. It was so adorable.
Porter's preschool had a special "snack" with rolls, turkey, and veggies. I had so much fun going in to help, I sometimes forget how much I loved teaching preschool.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Crazy 8 Tag

8 TV shows that I watch
1-Grey's Anatomy
2-Brothers and Sisters
3-Army Wives
4-Jon and Kate plus 8
7-Lipstick Jungle

8 Things I did Yesterday
1-Said goodbye to Brian for a few weeks
2-Went to Ty's birthday dinner
3-Checked my email
4-Checked my Facebook
5-Held a baby
6- Bathed my kids
7-Listened to Tynli read :)
8- Cleaned the house up

8 Places I Love to Eat
2-El Palacio
3-Johnny Carinos
4- Red Lobster
5-Cracker Barrel
6-Mom's house
7-Mimi's Cafe
8-Olive Garden

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
1-Moving to Utah
2-Decorating for Christmas
3-Shopping for Christmas
5-Seeing Twilight
6-Cleaning out my house
7-Tynli reading
8-Porter's speech improving more

8 Things on My Wishlist
1-Selling my house
2-Finding a new house
3-Having my Family together again
4- Scrapbooking More
5- Planning a vacation
6-Celebrating our 10th Anniversary
7-Running a 10K
8-A bigger, less expensive car

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tea Party

The Advice and Aid Pregnancy Center here in Kingman had a Tea Party Benefit to raise funds for their center. The center helps families with unplanned pregnancy in so many ways. Tynli and I were given tickets by a great friend of mine. We enjoyed dressing up and enjoying some Mommy/Daughter time.

Miss Madeline and her dog Spot

We had a lot of fun this Halloween. Tynli was so adorable as Madeline and Porter liked being a puppy. He really liked Trick-or-Treating too.

October Highlights (a little late)

We spent a fun day at a pumpkin patch in Chino Valley. I was a little disappointed that the pumpkins weren't actually grown there. But the kids loved the barrel train ride, bounce houses, food and fun.

Tynli was so happy to draw the face on our jack-o-latern and both kids enjoyed carving it with Daddy.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Just a quick update-it's been too long. My mom came through her surgery well. It looks like all of the cancer was in her kidney and the doctors removed it all. She is on the mend and hopefully that will be it. As of now she will not need further treatment. Her recovery will take a while from such a big surgery, but she is a trooper. Thank you all for your prayers, thoughts, cards and kind words. And Candice thank you so much for the rosary, prayers and note. My mom was deeply touched and that means so much to me. She says it is so beautiful.
I have a ton of pictures to upload, but I am a single mom right now and just don't have as much time on my hands. I want to put Halloween pictures up and it's already almost Thanksgiving-yikes. I'll get to it soon! Again thanks everyone for everything. It was a tough week and I appreciate all of your support!---By the way B is liking his new job as well.