Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring = Snow?

Things really weren't going my way. We had this crazy snow storm and one of the rooms in our basement apartment had flooded. The worst part about it is that it's the room that I was storing all of the boxes in. On top of that I had come down with a crummy cold and wasn't feeling well. I had to hustle though and get all my boxes moved or unpacked to avoid the water. So if that wasn't enough I wake up the next morning with a tree branch on top of my car. I didn't really want to cry so I just shrugged my shoulders and was grateful it didn't break the sunroof. At first all I could vision was melted snow flooding the inside of my car. So here's a few pictures of my "welcome" to Utah.


Easter is probably my favorite holiday. I just love knowing that Christ died so that I could be saved, so that I can have eternal life. What could be a better celebration than the resurection of our Lord? But honestly Easter was a little more challenging to me this year. I didn't really have a plan past unpacking, we hadn't even been here a week. I wasn't really into the other "stuff" either. But for my kids I went out and got dye and dropped 3 dozen eggs in Wal-Mart. Funny thing is that morning I had commented to B about how nice people are in Utah. Everyone is just really kind and considerate. Then I dropped 3 dozen eggs in line at Wal-Mart. I asked for paper towels and cleaned it all up, still my checker despised me. It was such a bummer, but I guess there's always an exception. So we went back the next day and got new eggs and had fun coloring them. We also went to the Orem City Easter Egg Hunt. Someone forgot to mention to me that you wear Winter Parkas to Easter Egg Hunts here. I know I grew up in Wyoming, but I've been raising children in Arizona for over 5 years. I have a few lessons to learn. Both Tynli and I froze because we were wearing sandals, it was 42 degrees and it was pouring rain. Not so much fun! Easter Sunday wasn't much warmer, but it was a great day to attend our new church. It is St. Francis of Assisi and so far we like it. Hope everyone else had a fantastic Easter too!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tynli turns 6!

I can't hardly believe it, where has the time gone, but here she is a big six years old now! Wow! She decided on a carnival themed party and my friend Jacqui made the cake for us. It was so cool-it it had a spin to it! We had fun games, prizes, popcorn, cotton candy and Jacqui the master face painter. As stressed as I was trying to move and host a party I think it was sucessful. The wind made it chilly and we didn't get to decorate much, but other than that no complaints.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Krazy 8

I have still been logging my mile a day, but other than that have been focussing on weight training with my personal trainer. But along comes the Krazy 8 race, which is an 8K-or just a tiny, tad bit under 5 miles. Why oh why I decide to run races is beyond me. This one was fun, but definitely KRAZY! It had several hills, one called the "Biggest Loser Hill", was mostly all on dirt trails and even got right up next to the railroad tracks. So I practiced it a few times to make sure I could do it, and signed up. I got my cute little t-shirt and ran my heart out. I also was packing to move, and throwing a birthday party in the same day. No I didn't win any medals, and this is probably my only race this year, but I did it and will definitely never forget it.

I'm Back!

Okay, so I've been delinquent from my blog. Let me explain. We had an icident in February where many things were taken from us by some thieves. One of which included my camera. So I wasn't much in the mood to blog without picutures. And yes I realize this post will not have a picture, but just you wait, because I've got some great ones coming up.
Meanwhile we have moved! We now live in Orem, UT. Still patiently waiting for our home to sell. Hopefully soon!!!
Now that I have a camera I'll update you all on our last few weeks. Or if no one reads our blog, at least I'll have it documented for when I get to these pages in my scrapbook.