Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What are you giving up for Lent?

The kids and I spend a bit of time in the car together each day. One morning we left for school and I forgot my coffee. I was a bit concerned. Tynli asked me if I drink coffee everyday. After I said yes she suggested I give it up for Lent. My response was I might not be a very good mom without coffee! After a thought I offered to give up coffee is she would be willing to give up sucking her thumb. Yes my 7 year old still sucks her thumb. We don't want it to be negative or demeaning or ugly in anyway so we do our best to encourage her to stop-maybe this could be the way! She thought for a second and said that it would be really, really hard to stop sucking her thumb. I said I understand, it would be difficult to not drink coffee. Right then in his most encouraging manner Porter said "Come on Tynli, is you stop sucking your thumb I'll stop eating my boogers!"