Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Okay, so I know it's the start of October tomorrow, but my family gave me a gift certificate to a (then) new salon called Zen. Today I finally used part of it and I had a wonderful pedicure. I love pedicures. I love them more than chocolate, and I mean that! The girl that did mine was just wonderful and I feel so pretty, just because my toes, well actually my feet look so good. I'm sure this isn't my most interesting post, but anyone who needs to relax should really take some time for themselves and enjoy a spa pedicure. Aaah!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A game of Tag

20 Years ago. . .
1. I was 12 and lived in Mtn. View, WY
2. I still played with Barbies
3. I liked to run sprints in track.

10 years ago. . .
1. I had just graduated from college and moved to Cheyenne, WY
2. I got engaged to Brian
3. I started teaching preschool

5 years ago. . .
1. I became a Mommy
2. I moved to Kingman, AZ
3. I finished my elementary teaching certification

3 Years ago. . .
1. Porter was born
2. We bought a new SUV
3. I joined the Tri Delta alumni group in Lake Havasu

1 Year ago. . .
1. I started working at Huntington Learning Center
2. B and I hiked to Havasupai
3. We went to Disneyland

So far this year. . .
1. Tynli started Kindergarten
2. Porter started Preschool
3. I ran 100 miles (not in one day)

Yesterday I. . .
1. Volunteered at Kindergarten
2.. Took Porter to an evaluation at Manzanita Preschool
3. Went to game night at the Burgess's

Today I. . .
1. Went to work
2. Watched Friends
3. Had a scrapbooking workshop

In the next year I'll. . .
1. Start weight training again
2. Run a 10K
3. Add the finishing touches in my scrapbook room

This is fun, but I won't tag anyone except Tana-:)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This afternoon Tynli asked why I always have to do scrapbooking. Honestly I didn't think I did it that much while she is awake. But it was her perspective not mine. So I asked what she'd like to do and she just wanted me to play with her. So much that she let me pick. I picked Barbies. This was the first time we played Barbies that it was actual Barbies (not the Disney Princess Dolls). I had so much fun! So did she. It just brought back so many childhood memories of playing Barbies with my sister. I am truely blessed to now create these memories with my daughter. I'm sure we'll be playing a lot more. We had to run from the giant man chasing us with a dump truck (Porter). Hey he wants to play too. ;)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Look at Me, I'm Three!

Porter's birthday is today, but we had a transportation themed party on Saturday afternoon. He had several friends "STOP" by to celebrate with him. They played on the trampoline, in the sand and water table, on the swing set and with a train set up on a play mat. They also made their own licence plates out of craft foam. I made his cake, which was actually several little cakes, both trains and cars. He made sure to let Tynli know that it was his cake and not her's. He has just grown up so fast! Today Porter and I set up his GeoTracks, it's a really neat train set. He loves it and couldn't wait to show Daddy and Tynli. Tonight we will have a cake and celebrate just the four of us.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Busy doing Nothing

Life seems so busy right now, and yet I can't exactly put my finger on what it is exactly we are so busy doing. Both kids are in the full swing of school, and their adjustments have been difficult. Porter doesn't want to sit in circle time, but loves to play. Tynli's had a hard time with the full day. It is a long day for her, but she had made new friends and loves her teacher. Brian is very busy at work and seems to be getting home later each night. I am trying to clean out the house and garage and have a yard sale this Friday. So I guess all the little things compiled add up. But all is well. Porter's birthday is coming quickly. I'll definately share after his celebration.