Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Husband Tag

Yesterday's post about my mom is so serious so I thought I 'd do a fun one tonight. I tag anyone who reads this-it's fun to think about the one you love.

1-What is his name? Brian Keith Moore
2-Who eats more? Embarassingly ME
3-Who said I love you first? I think it was me.
4-Who's taller?-Brian, but just barely
5-Who's smarter? Depends on what-math, him,
6-Who's more sensitive? Me, I get excited, or hurt easily.
7-Who does laundry? Me, except now Brian will have to start doing his own, poor guy.
8-Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you are looking at it, he does.
9-Who pays the bills? Me
10-Who cooks more?Me
11-Who's more stubborn? This might be a tie
12-Who's the first to admit they are wrong? I think we trade off on this, sometimes me, sometimes him.
13- Who has more siblings? Brian
14-Who wears the pants in the relationship? It depends on the subject, so I guess we both do.
15-What do you like to do together? Spend time with the kids, go out to eat, watch tv.
16-Who eats more sweets? probably me
17-How did you meet? My sister introduced us.
18-Who asked who out first? Brian asked my sister to bring me to his graduation party, does that count?
19-Who kissed who first? Brian kissed me.
20-Who proposed? Brian
21-His best features and qualities are: He's handsome and gentle, funny,yet reserved. He's strong, but kind and always sincere.
22-Who will you tag?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Mom

Wow life has been wild the past few weeks. With preparing for our move and the big changes we face, we received another twist. My mother has been diagnoised with kidney cancer. She will be having surgery to remove it on November 4. Brian is starting his new job at this same time so the kids and I will travel with him to be with my family at this time. Please keep our entire family in your prayers. Some of you have met my mom and know her as the quiet, calm presence that she is and many of you don't know her at all. But all of you are either my family or my friend and I appreciate your support. I will try to update my blog to keep you all informed.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Here's some exciting news. We're moving!---To Utah. Brian has accepted a new job with an engineering firm in a town about 25 miles south of Salt Lake City. He is really looking forward to a new start and will be returning to highway/transportation type work. I am excited for a variety of reason. First it is very close to a great Catholic School. Although we may not be able to get Tynli in right away, my hope is for both kids to attend there. I am also excited about all that the city has to offer, restaurants, SHOPPING, museums, arts etc. . . Finally we will be about an hour and half or so away from our families. That truly is the icing on the cake. Our children will finally get to see their grandparents and aunts, uncles and cousins often. We have some amazing friends in Kingman that I will be sad to say goodbye, but I really think this is a positive thing for our family.
So Brian has about 3 weeks left here, and hopefully we will be following soon, we have a house to sell. Please pray for our family during this time I know we are going to need the support.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Porter's New School

Porter started a new preschool last week. Although I loved the Christian School for Tynli, I really like Manzanita's Little Dragons. Porter was evaluated and it was determined that he is delayed in his Language Development. This wasn't surprising to us, he has been in Speech Therapy for almost a year. He did not qualify in Articulation, which did surprise me, but his therapist at preschool added an artic goal to his IEP so he will receive help with that too. He goes Mon-Thurs, so I have 4 free mornings. It's actually odd, but I think I'll get used to it. He's sad when I leave, but I have been getting great reports, which is so nice to hear!
This picture is from his birthday. He got the Geo Tracks train set and plays with it everyday. He also got a big boy hair cut and had a photo shoot for turning three. When I recieve the CD I'll post some of his pictures. We took him out to an old general store on Route 66. The photographer has toddlers of her own, and she did awesome!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

He Asked and I said YES!

Ten years ago today Brian proposed and of course I said yes. I have such fond memories of that day. He sent me a dozen roses at work and we went out to dinner. I did know he was going to propose, so there wasn't that element of surprise. And we picked out my ring together-this is Brian we're talking about. But even without the surprise it was a wonderful day and he was just as sweet and loving as he could be. I also remember that I was getting sick that day. I felt dizzy and had a fever. But I refused to be sick because I was going to get engaged! (By Sunday I ended up in a clinic with strep throat). It's funny to me how I always think I am too busy to be sick and then I end up really really sick! Anyway I feel so blessed to be his wife and so grateful to share my life with him.