Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kids times 2

Well most of you in Kingman know that I had my friend's Melissa's children for the past three days while she is at her fitness competition. Whew! I did it, a five year old, four year old and two two year olds. We survived, and honestly I enjoyed it. The kids were all so good. I mean I won't lie we had a few melt downs around bedtime and a few fights, but it went so well. I had help from my husband and I had my babysitter Haley for a few hours on Friday too. The biggest challenge-going places, getting 4 children in carseats was interesting. I'd say we all had a lot of fun. The kids thought they were so big having their first "sleep over". When family is all so far away, I'm grateful that I have friends that are willing to share their lives (and children) with me!

Monday, June 16, 2008


I didn't forget myself, but I couldn't continue at 1:00 am. So here it goes. About Becca: I love being a mother, I love being a wife. I love working out, right now my favorite is Yoga with Stephanie. I love to scrapbook. Right now I am also working at Huntington Learning Center 3 days a week. I enjoy teaching so much and this is a great way for me to work, without "working". I also am an independant consultant for Steel My Heart-check out my website: And I sell scrapbooking and stamping products for a company called Close To My Heart. Recently I started having a workshop once a month where I design a 2 page layout and my friends come and make them. It is fun "girl" time. Lastly I've been running again and am about to reach my goal of 100 miles. It's taken six months, but I will officially be the first member of the 100s club .


Porter is a ball of energy. He loves to play cars and trains. He is still attending speech therapy sessions weekly and we have seen great improvements in his vocabulary. He is still dropping many sounds off the ends of his words, but we know he'll get there. He is signed up to start preschool in the Fall although he does miss the deadline by about 2 weeks. Hopefully he'll be potty trained by then. He recently got new "chonies" like Daddy (boxer briefs). We'll see if that works! He is a dare devil and will try anything. He is also stubborn and strong willed. Hopefully these traits will help him go far in life.


Tynli just finished preschool and is gearing up for Kindergarten. She has a very busy summer schedule with tee-ball and soccer camps. She also takes swimming lessons twice a week. She just started stroking both freestyle and underwater. It was such a great accomplishment after a year of lessons. We are so excited for her. She also takes gymnastics and ballet. We have been working on site words and she is learning them quickly. She reads them easily in books and on signs. She is a very girly-girl with painted fingernails and dresses that turn. Hopefully she won't be too upset when school starts and she's put in her uniform shirt.


Brian is still working at Mohave Engineering. Things have slowed down and yet he is still so busy. This spring he helped coach a little league baseball team and he is playing softball too. He is such a wonderful Daddy, our children adore him, as do all of their little friends. He's called Tynli's Daddy, Porter's Daddy, and to two of their friends he is Mr. Beebs.

BMoore4Family debut

Many of my friends blog, and many have baby websites. I liked the idea of our friends and family having a place to go to see our children grow and keep in touch with our daily lives. Not all can be shared in phone calls and emails. So here we are, our little family of 4 and our new place to share our news. Stayed tuned for all our updates.