Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Porter's New School

Porter started a new preschool last week. Although I loved the Christian School for Tynli, I really like Manzanita's Little Dragons. Porter was evaluated and it was determined that he is delayed in his Language Development. This wasn't surprising to us, he has been in Speech Therapy for almost a year. He did not qualify in Articulation, which did surprise me, but his therapist at preschool added an artic goal to his IEP so he will receive help with that too. He goes Mon-Thurs, so I have 4 free mornings. It's actually odd, but I think I'll get used to it. He's sad when I leave, but I have been getting great reports, which is so nice to hear!
This picture is from his birthday. He got the Geo Tracks train set and plays with it everyday. He also got a big boy hair cut and had a photo shoot for turning three. When I recieve the CD I'll post some of his pictures. We took him out to an old general store on Route 66. The photographer has toddlers of her own, and she did awesome!

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