Monday, September 15, 2008

Look at Me, I'm Three!

Porter's birthday is today, but we had a transportation themed party on Saturday afternoon. He had several friends "STOP" by to celebrate with him. They played on the trampoline, in the sand and water table, on the swing set and with a train set up on a play mat. They also made their own licence plates out of craft foam. I made his cake, which was actually several little cakes, both trains and cars. He made sure to let Tynli know that it was his cake and not her's. He has just grown up so fast! Today Porter and I set up his GeoTracks, it's a really neat train set. He loves it and couldn't wait to show Daddy and Tynli. Tonight we will have a cake and celebrate just the four of us.

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The Swains said...

That cake is adorable very creative!