Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This afternoon Tynli asked why I always have to do scrapbooking. Honestly I didn't think I did it that much while she is awake. But it was her perspective not mine. So I asked what she'd like to do and she just wanted me to play with her. So much that she let me pick. I picked Barbies. This was the first time we played Barbies that it was actual Barbies (not the Disney Princess Dolls). I had so much fun! So did she. It just brought back so many childhood memories of playing Barbies with my sister. I am truely blessed to now create these memories with my daughter. I'm sure we'll be playing a lot more. We had to run from the giant man chasing us with a dump truck (Porter). Hey he wants to play too. ;)

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Melea said...

I love playing Barbies too. My little Lily lives for Barbies. My boys LOVE Star Wars, so we are subject to a lot of that in our house. So Fun. BTW, I love your blog, your kids are adorable.