Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring = Snow?

Things really weren't going my way. We had this crazy snow storm and one of the rooms in our basement apartment had flooded. The worst part about it is that it's the room that I was storing all of the boxes in. On top of that I had come down with a crummy cold and wasn't feeling well. I had to hustle though and get all my boxes moved or unpacked to avoid the water. So if that wasn't enough I wake up the next morning with a tree branch on top of my car. I didn't really want to cry so I just shrugged my shoulders and was grateful it didn't break the sunroof. At first all I could vision was melted snow flooding the inside of my car. So here's a few pictures of my "welcome" to Utah.


Rick and Tana said...

Yikes! What a welcome to Utah!!! Glad nothing serious happened to your car. I hope you're settled in a little better and that the weather is cooperating more. :0) Sure miss having you in sunny arizona!!!

P.S. have you meet anyone by the name of Juliana Goates (at church)? I used to nanny for her family. She's great! Tell her I say hi if you meet her.

charonfamily said...


The romper is there, but I can just put up a special order reserved for you.. whichever you like. the romper is shown in green, and I will list the flower for you. Let me know if you see it.