Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One day, one mile, one run at a time

Okay, so I know I probably made it sound like no big deal, just a mile a day for 365 consecutive days. Easy right? WRONG. It's not the actual running part that is troubling me. The week days are easy I just fit it into my regular workout. It's when my day is altered. Like last Thursday I went on a Field trip with Tynli. When I got home Porter fell asleep. Then Tynli got home from school and fell asleep. If Brian where here none of this would be complicated. I really feel for single moms. This has got to be the hardest phase of parenthood for me-doing it alone. I have great friends who are willing to help, but it's hard to ask and I don't want to abuse any of my friendships. I am grateful for one friend especially who won't let me quit. So whatever the obstacle, I've hurdled them and here I am day 14 and my mile a day is logged thus far. So if you joined in, just know I'm staying committed-you can too!

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