Sunday, January 18, 2009


Well Hanukkah was a while ago, it actually fell during Christmas week this past year. But I just had to write about it because it has brought such joy to our family the past few years. One of my best friends here in Kingman is Jewish, so last year she held a Hanukkah party for a small group of our friends. We lit the Menorah, ate delicious food and played Dreidal. This holiday season she has an adorable new addition to her family and I'm not sure if she was planning on having the party again. With all of us asking when the Hanukkah party was going to be how could she tell us no? Again we had a fabulous time and the food was beyond yummy! But most of all the adorable baby boy kept us all smiling. One thing I've learned is that we may all have different beliefs, but something about them all that is shared is love. Our friendships gathered us all and our children together to celebrate the love we share with one another and for that I am truly grateful.

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