Monday, August 25, 2008


Porter started preschool last week, I just haven't had a chance to post. He really likes his new backpack, but other than that he wasn't very cooperative with the photo shoot. He was so excited to finally go to school, he's been so sad that he can't stay with Tynli at her school. He's so little, not even 3 yet, I know if it weren't for Tynli already attending Grace Lutheran Preschool I wouldn't have been able to let him go. He was so happy to be there though I don't think he even noticed that I left. We are really hoping that preschool will help PoBo with his speech and language delays. He was recently screened at the developmental preschool and is now scheduled to have further evaluation. He is talking so much more, but he is missing some of his sounds and dropping some as well. Often people ask why worry about it now, he is so young. Our theory is that early intervention never hurt anyone and we see his progress all the time. I am also enjoying our afternoons together. We both miss Tynli so much, but it has given us time to be together. I love that I can actually listen to what he has to say, without Tynli interrupting, or speaking for him. He is such a precious boy!

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Greene Family said...

Cute Backpack. Declan has the same one!