Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our First Snowman

I'm not the one that usually plays outside with the kids, that's what Brian does well. The kids were so excited about the snow and Tynli's school sent them home 2 hours early, so we had the afternoon. It was so humorous to me because we don't have any snow "equipment". Tynli lost her hat and mittens at school and we don't have any others. So I dug through Brian's fishing gear looking for warm stuff. I found a WY beannie and his fishing gloves for me. The kids wore double layers of socks for mittens and their hoods, Tynli also had our Santa hat, until she gave it to the snowman. I guess we were creative at least. We didn't last long without snow pants or snow boots, we got cold quick. It was so much fun! We let the dogs out too and they loved the snow as much as we did. They've already canceled school tomorrow. I know to most of you this seems absurd, it's just a little snow. You must know though that we are a town with NO snow removal materials. There aren't snow plows or any other type of equipment. I did notice they put a little bit of dirt on the bridge over the railroad track. Hmmm. I also learned that my BMW's not so great in the snow. I think we'll be car shopping before I move to Utah. Bummer! I never thought I'd feel so happy over a snow storm-but it truly was such a blessing for us, we made some great memories today. Tynli wants to go sledding tomorrow. I'm not sure how to accomplish that. I don't think they even sell sleds at Wal-Mart. Any good ideas?

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Young Family Adventures said...

By the looks of this... I thought you had already moved to UT!!! What fun though to have before you move!! Ideas for sleds (I am really reaching here trying to think of things that might be available there... Do you have a knee board for the water or inner tubes? I wonder if something like that would work... anything that would work on the water would probably work? You could try a dollar store for plastic place mats & hold up the front & sit on them? or solid plastic cookie tray? (Might work for the kids) ... If all else fails the big silver bowl or hub cap... like in Christmas Vacation w/Chevy Chase.. :)

Good luck with that - you might just have to settle for snow angels & rolling in it this time around!! :)

Good luck with the move!! I am sure you will enjoy being closer to home... but it is awfully cold in this neck of the state!! Merry Christmas!!