Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Brian came home last weekend so that I could go to the Women of Faith Conference in Phoenix. So he wasn't able to come for Thanksgiving. Although it was lonely without him we had a nice day. My friend Leah invited us to join her family as well as another girlfriend of ours. It was a lot of people, with lots of little kids, so it was like being with family. Leah and her mother cooked. They are from Arkansas so we had a few things that were new to me. Everything was delicious and I feel so blessed to have good friends, especially when family is so far away.


joanne said...

Such cuties!!
I enjoy popping in and reading your blog. It's been ages, Becca...
I bet you're excited to move to Utah- close to home :-)
So glad your Mom is doing better.
What is your address? I would like to send you a Christmas Card- photo time!

Much love, Joanne

Angel said...

Becca I just wanted to tell you that you have a beautiful family
and that I can see the love of the Lord shing through you .... your blogs are so neat to read I truly enjoy them ... and Welcome to Utah it will be nice to have you here.
Aunt Anita