Sunday, July 6, 2008

Another year, another t-shirt, another picture

Fourth of July already. Didn't we just celebrate Christmas. I can't seem to catch up, which is why we had a very low key day. We went to the store for a few supplies and had a simple lunch of bbq pork sandwiches. I had good intentions of having a triple berry shortcake dessert before we went to watch the fireworks, but the Schwan's man accidentally forgot to give us our berries. Such is life-good thing we also bought ice cream! We watched the fireworks from the parking lot at B's office. They shoot them off at the fairgrounds, which is just a few blocks away. PoBo was so tired he just kept asking to go home, until the sky lit up with colors. Both kids loved watching the fireworks, and I enjoyed watching them. It has been another year and they are just growing up so fast. I know all parents say that, but now I truely understand what it means. So next year I think we're due to wear red. . .

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