Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kids times 2

Well most of you in Kingman know that I had my friend's Melissa's children for the past three days while she is at her fitness competition. Whew! I did it, a five year old, four year old and two two year olds. We survived, and honestly I enjoyed it. The kids were all so good. I mean I won't lie we had a few melt downs around bedtime and a few fights, but it went so well. I had help from my husband and I had my babysitter Haley for a few hours on Friday too. The biggest challenge-going places, getting 4 children in carseats was interesting. I'd say we all had a lot of fun. The kids thought they were so big having their first "sleep over". When family is all so far away, I'm grateful that I have friends that are willing to share their lives (and children) with me!

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Weidner Clan (Candice's View) said...

You are SO brave! You are lucky Brian would help. Most husbands wouldnt. Although, Jack is pretty good about that kind of stuff. Anyway, I would LOVE to learn how to make your moms tortillas! Thanks!